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Local Consignment Store - Consignment shop - Los Angeles - Orange County consignment store - Grasons Co - Huntington Beach

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A small list of some items we sell daily:
  • Antique furnishings
  • Vintage furnishings
  • Mid Century furnishings
  • Costume Jewelry, antique jewelry & modern jewelry
  • One of a kind collectibles & porcelains
  • Vintage collectibles and accessories
  • Lighting, modern lamps, stained glass lamps & antique lamps
  • Artwork, original oil paintings, lithographs & original sketches
  • Buy gold & silver
  • Electronics: vintage and antique
Besides being a Los Angeles and Orange County Estate Sales & Liquadation company, Grasons Co. owns an operates a local consignment shop and an online consignment shop, a quick visit to our local consignment store in Orange County, CA and you will find a variety of items from mid-century furniture to antique furniture, jewelry, artwork and everything in between.
Consumers searching for online consignment shops, local consignment shops or furniture consignment shops are eager to visit our consignment store in Orange County to view the latest selections, changing regularly. Whether it's furniture, antiques, collectibles, fine art, vintage jewelry, vintage vinyls and everything else you could think of.  Our estate sales division allows us to rotate the merchandise in our Orange County consignment shop on a regular basis, what you see today, you may not see tomorrow, and what you see tomorrow was not here yesterday.

Grasons Co. gets new inventory in daily & averages over 300+ shoppers weekly. What highlights consignment shop when compared to a local furniture thrift store is the quality of items, many of the items available in local consignment shops, you will not find in local thrift stores. The wide selection of antiques, collectibles, furniture and art available in one location has increased the travelers from surrounding counties seeking high quality consignment items.

As a consignment store in Orange County, Grasons Co. prides itself on providing the highest quality service you expect and deserve. Whether you are seeking to consign furniture, jewelry, household items, antiques, modern, fine art, we are the Orange County consignment choice. If you are seeking a local consignment store with the widest selection of product and the highest quality service, we invite you to visit our consignment store in Orange County, CA. If you are looking for a Los Angeles consignment and you don't want to make the short drive, our online consignment shop can give you a quick preview of some of the items we have available.

Our dedication to the industry and clients we serve along with our experience has earned us the title of best Orange County consignment shop amongst our clients. Our local consignment store allows us to continue selling our clients' items and maximize their benefits long after their local estate sale is over. We bring buyers and sellers together with a combined beneficial goal for both parties.

If you have items you would like to consign with us, please contact us, if you love to shop for antiques and collectibles, we invite you to shop our online consignment store now. 

We are family owned and operated, come join the family and shop!